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Microsoft Touch Mouse Demo

This video introduces Microsoft’s brand new Arc Touch Mouse, a high-precision mouse with multi-touch gestures.

Designed to work best with Windows 7 features, the Arc Touch Mouse is capable of two-and 3-finger gestures to manage their entire desktop.

The pre-order is already available here:


Steve Ballmer Keynotes @ CES 2011

In this recording, you will see all the nice incomming products Microsoft plan to release later this year for the final consumer. This video was recorded at CES(Consumer Eletronics Show) 2011 yesterday in Las Vegas.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 unveiled!!!

Yesterday Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, presented to the world the new version of Microsoft Surface at CES 2011. I’m very impressed with this new release. Check here the first demo video of Surface 2.0. There you’ll learn about the Surface experience and get a look at the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface. Check more information at the new Surface website



Microsoft back into mobile world game. Finally with a decent Windows Phone 7 device

After several tries on mobile world with the old Windows Mobile devices, that everyone known, was not so good as we wish, Microsoft is back in the mobile phone market with a pretty decent device/OS. The Windows Phone 7! Check this nice review the Canadian guys of this site made about this new product from this big company.

SQL Server code-name Denali CTP1 released!

Microsoft is making available for download on November 9 the first test
version of its next-generation SQL Server release, code-named “Denali.”

The company announced the availability of the Community Technology Preview
(CTP) build — available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers today — at the PASS (Professional Association for
SQL Server) Summit in Seattle
. The first Denali CTP is slated to be available at 11:45 a.m. ET on November 9,
Microsoft officials said.

Microsoft said in February that its next release of SQL Server would be codenamed Denali, but declined to say
anything more about the release at that time. Now the Softies are sharing more.
Here’s a list of some of what is on tap to be included in Denali:

  • SQL Server AlwaysOn, a new high-availability “solution that
    will deliver “increased application availability, lower TCO (total cost of
    ownership)  and ease of use, according to the Softies
  • Project codename “Apollo”, new column-store database
    technology aiming to provide greater query performance
  • Project codename “Juneau”, a single development environment
    for developing database, business intelligence (BI) and web solutions
  • Project codename “Crescent”, a web-based, data
    visualization and presentation solution, and follow-on to the PowerPivot technology that is part of SQL
    Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server Data Quality Services (based on technology
    Microsoft’s 2008 Zoomix acquisition
  • Other data integration and management tools

For more information check the official link a Microsoft Product site:


Announcing the ASP.NET MVC 3 Release Candidate

Check this blog post on ScottGu’s blog. It has a series of posts talking about Asp.Net MVC and now, the V3 release canditate, just released.


Co-Marketing with Windows Azure

Do you want your Cloud application to appear on Microsoft Case Studies Page? Do you want to use the powered by Windows Azure Logo on your products?

So, just send a email to for more information on how to submit your application to this program.

Free eBook: Programming Windows Phone 7

Today, at time of PDC 2010, Charles Petzold released a full featured nice eBook under Microsoft press brand about Windows Phone 7 Programming.

More information and where to download links:



As an Architect, what are The Top IT challenges in 2010 on your point of view?

Hello All, The most common top four priorities I find in most IT organizations I deal with include…

1) Delivering solutions that enable future state business capabilities which are needed to drive the enterprise forward

2) To constantly work to reduce the IT footprint, including its size, cost and complexity

3) To ensure the quality and integrity of existing solutions, such that the business is not compromised, in a manner that conforms with business budget limitations

4) To ensure that all IT work is constantly aligned with business strategy, intent and need (Sorry I provided four but most enterprises I deal with have far more than just three priorities.)

Best regards…

Back on trail…

Hello everyone!

Hadn’t time to blog last year since I have my changes in My life. Now I’m back and will start getting blogs up with news regarding the Microsoft world.

Keep signed you soon you will get more information.

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