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Enterprises, prepare to say Hello to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft just released beta 2 of System Center Configuration Manager. With this new release, Microsoft will empower people to be productive from anywhere on whatever device they choose. This includes the wide range of devices that connect to Exchange ActiveSync, including Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS, and Android-based devices. Through the new application model, the best application experience can be delivered to the
user based on their identity, their device, and their connection.

See more and start testing it from this link.




Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 Released!

The new toolkit is helps ease the buildingWindows Phone 7 applications that use services running on Windows Azure.

The toolkit provides you with:

  • Binaries for your Windows Phone 7 applications
  • Project templates to optimize new phone application creation
  • Sample applications in both C# and VB.NET
  • A dependency checker that checks the prerequisites required by the toolkit
  • Setup and configuration documentation, toolkit content review, a getting started walkthrough, and troubleshooting tips

Once you’ve downloaded the toolkit, you can use the phone and compute emulators to quickly get a new phone application running into Microsoft Windows Azure.

Download it here!




Windows Phone 7: Enterprises Go with Windows Phone 7

Most of companies are afraid to move from old mobile platforms to Windows Phone 7. In this article Joshua Hoffman describes why enterprises should move to this new amazing platform.




30 awesome tutorials on Windows Phone 7 development!

For those who want become a Windows Phone 7 developer, I strongly suggest take some time and check all the gigs on this nice post at Microsoft Feed:

Free eBook: Programming Windows Phone 7

Today, at time of PDC 2010, Charles Petzold released a full featured nice eBook under Microsoft press brand about Windows Phone 7 Programming.

More information and where to download links: